Tesla Model 3 Drive Unit Reduction Gear Set 3.54:1

Tesla Model 3 Drive Unit Reduction Gear Set 3.54:1

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Tesla Model 3 Drive Unit Reduction Gearset 3.54:1

Ideal to change the gear ratio of the amazing Tesla Model 3 drive units. Compatible with both front and rear drive units.

This will allow for a much higher output speed for either a crazy high top speed vehicle or to be fitted central in a 4 x 4 situation with prop shafts coming out of each side.

We regularly see these use in vehicles such as Landrovers, Broncos and Land Cruisers.

Disclamer - Gear noise may be louder than original due to high output speeds and gear noise when coasting. May be noise if the drive train is not keeping a constant load on the gears.

Purchase or rent a workstand to simplify opening the gear box of rear drive units. Designed and built as pictured in the Fellten guide.

V1 Model 3 Gearset Replacement Guide (pdf)

Photos courtesy of Fellten