EV Conversion Kit for Low-Speed Vehicles, 21.2 kWh, 76-100V SYSTEM

EV Conversion Kit for Low-Speed Vehicles, 21.2 kWh, 76-100V SYSTEM

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The suggested kit of parts for EV conversions that will use quantity 4 of the 5.3kWh Tesla battery modules with the NetGain HyPer9 Integrated System. This kit is perfect for small vehicles. Complete Electrical Schematic, Manuals, and Documentation will be provided upon purchase, and kits include full customer support for your build. Available in both Basic and Deluxe versions, or can be customized to your exact build through a one-on-one dialogue with a sales associate. 

Basic kit includes all necessary components to get your project running such as the HyPer9 Integrated System, the Orion BMS 2, a CANdapter for setting up the BMS, a contactor for the negative side of your battery, a J1772 charging inlet, an Anderson SBX-350 as a battery disconnect, fuses, relays, cable, lugs, heatshrink, and terminal covers. If you would like a basic system for more than one battery pack, please contact us with details about how you would like to split them.

Deluxe kits additionally include our Modular Boxes for Tesla Battery Modules with all necessary battery box coolant fittings, power connectors, and bus bars. Deluxe kits also upgrade the charger, DC-DC converter, battery maintanence disconnect, J1772 inlet, and more! These kits can be ordered for systems using a single battery pack or dual battery packs. Please contact us if more than two packs are needed for your project.

Deluxe Kits for dual packs add a second battery box with fuse, coolant fittings, and power connectors. They also change the Orion BMS 2 configuration as needed, the quantities of each type of bus bar, and the lengths of cable/heatshrink. The first number describes the number of battery modules in the battery pack on the negative side of the system, and the second number is the number of modules in the pack on the positive side. 


  1. These kits are typically intended for conversions which retain a transmission. Please contact us with your vehicle information to add a motor adapter plate and coupler, or discuss other options.
  2. Bulkhead fittings come as the straight option by default. 90º fittings (as shown on the product page) can be added if needed.
  3. If shipping outside the continental US, please contact us for an accurate shipping quote and to place an order.
  4. Please contact us before ordering kits for dual packs, and include how they will be physically positioned in the vehicle. Some parts and quantities may need to be altered.

Basic Kit Components:

Product Basic Quantity
HyPer9 IS 1
Hall Effect Pedal Assembly 1
NetGain HyPer-Drive Controller Chill Plate 1
5.3 kWh Tesla Module 4
Orion BMS -24 Cell/1000A 1
CANdapter 1
BMS Thru-Board 4
Elcon 3.3kW Charger 1
TSM 600W DC-DC 1
TBS E-Xpert Pro Display 1
50mV Shunt - 1000A 1
TBS 1:5 Voltage Pre-scaler 1
Pack Fuse 800A 1
Pack Fuse Block 1
First Inertia Switch (used) 1
Contactor REC35P1JX 1
12V Power Supply 1
30A DPST Relay 1
12V Relay 1
Automotive 4-Fuse Holder 1
KLK 10x38mm Fuse (HV) - 10A 1
KLK 10x38mm Fuse (HV) - 20A 1
KLK Fuse Holder 2
J1772 Charging Inlet - Plastic 1
Anderson SBX-350 Connectors 1
2/0 Cable (feet) 45
Heat shrink (6" segments) 8
5/16" 2/0 Lugs 17
3/8" 2/0 Lugs 5
1/2" 2/0 Lugs 2
Terminal Covers (Black) 9
Terminal Covers (Red) 1


The Deluxe Kit for Single Packs makes the following changes:

Product Deluxe Change
Elcon 3.3kW Charger -1
TSM 600W DC-DC -1
2/0 Cable (feet) -5
Heat shrink (6" segments) -1
5/16" 2/0 Lugs -6
KLK 10x38mm Fuse (HV) - 10A -1
J1772 Charging Inlet - Plastic -1
Anderson SBX-350 Connectors -1
Hyper9 Motor Cradle +1
NetGain Compact Display +1
Elcon 6.6kW Charger +1
Elcon 1000W DC-DC +1
Terminal Covers (Black) +4
1/2" 2/0 Lugs +2
KLK 10x38mm Fuse (HV) - 30A +1
J1772 Charging Inlet - Aluminum +1
Rincon HVBD4AXR Maintenance Switch +1
Battery Box (4-mod) +1
Heavy Duty Sealed Power Connector - one male/female set - 90 Key +1
Heavy Duty Sealed Power Connector - one male/female set - 180 Key +1
Bulkhead Compression Fitting Kit +2
Coolant Manifolds - Standard +2
One Pair (qty 2) Tesla Model S Coolant Connectors - reclaimed +4
Busbars for Stacked Tesla Battery Modules +3
Tesla Battery Module Right Angle Busbar +2
Coolant Hose - 5/16" ID (feet) +4
Hose Clamp +16