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Fifty-Nine Merc conversion


Evaluation meetings continue.
First two pics are one of our prior TSLA tear-downs followed by some useful "skateboard" references from image searches.


Transporting the car to the laboratory in PA for a non-invasive evaluation. We will take critical measurements, analyze stock dimensions and determine what geometry and clearance limitations there may be. Can all desired components/assemblies be accommodated by this conversion candidate?

Also, bench testing has begun of the large drive unit (LDU). Goal is to incorporate two drive units, front and rear, for the elusive electric all-wheel-drive outcome. Stay tuned.

LDU Bench Test


This challenge was first proposed to ampREVOLT on June 4, 2020:

Convert a rare, post-war limousine to 100% electric drive using the "TSLA skateboard" approach.

This refers to using the battery and front and rear subframes of the TSLA Model S. The reason this has not yet been knowingly attempted is that it requires the design and fabrication of a custom frame and chassis. The three principle OEM assemblies - front drive unit, battery pack, rear drive unit - were all designed to independently attach to the underside of the car's unibody structure.

Calling on the skills of a race car builder with 25 years of building frames and chassis from scratch. His deep experience in safely harnessing insane amounts of car-twisting torque is critical to the success of this project.

And it all start with this simple frame jig: